black crackerBLACK CRACKER is quite a character and a busy one at that. In the last years the hip hop artist used his creative energy for producing and / or remixing works by Brooklyn rapper BUNNY RABBIT, experimental indie duo COCOROSIE and even mainstream artists like BEYONCE. In 2012 he also released his debut Tears of a Clown and published a book of poetry and drawings called 40 Oz. Elephant.

Assigned female at birth under the name Celena Glenn, BLACK CRACKER now lives in Berlin and New York as a man. The physical transition between the genders and the struggle to feel comfortable with his identity are experiences that contribute to the current work of the rapper.

Now BLACK CRACKER releases a new solo record called Poster Boy due to release on March 15th via Gully Havoc. There will be also a release party at Prince Charles, Berlin on Thursday 20th.

The song Light Don’t Owe Shade is taken from the upcoming album and the psychedelic, artistic video that comes with it shows that behind BLACK CRACKER‘s offensive rapper attitude is a really talented artist, facing hip-hop clichés in a very unconventional way. Check it out below.