Blaume Blume - Photo by Jonas Bang

Photo by Jonas Bang

BLAUE BLUME are a Danish four-piece who have built up a fair bit of momentum with last year’s Beau & Lorette EP and this spring’s single Candy, a piece of shivering indie-pop. Now they’re back with their newest track, Thinking Of Roxy.

Thinking Of Roxy moves at a slow pace, with Jonas Smith’s quivering vocal stretched tight over dreamy, hazy indie. There are little hints of solo MORRISSEY in Smith’s singing style and lyrical imagery, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to find a copy of Viva Hate in the BLAUE BLUME record collection. The overall mood is pretty bleak (lyrics like ‘Thinking of Roxy, my blood on her face, cut up my fist in the name of her grace’ will tend to have that effect) but there’s a pleasant elegance to Thinking Of Roxy. It’s an airy hymn to something/someone lost. BLAUE BLUME are due to release their debut full-length at some point later this year and will tour Denmark this autumn.