Those guys are surely having a good time this year. First, BLUR surprised us with their really lovely first album in 12 years, called The Magic Whip. Then NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION had a really lovely chat with drummer Dave Rowntree and now the four piece released a funny music video for Ong Ong, the ‘feel good’ hit of their new record. It is based around a computer game and also features the band dressed up as the game’s protagonists. If you ever wanted to see Damon Albarn dressed up as an ice-cream cone this is your chance.

And BLUR got even more to say, especially in another new clip which sees them discussing the importance of the legendary Abbey Road studios. And just in time for Converse Rubber Tracks which will happen later this year.It’s a take over which results in free recording time for emerging musicians possible. Here’s what Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon have to say about it.

With Converse Rubber Tracks comes a new global program that offers emerging artists the opportunity to write the next chapter of music history at legendary studios including Abbey Road, Hansa Studios in Berlin, Los Angeles’ very own Sunset Sound, Tuff Gong in Kingston and many more. Watch the trailer to this really interesting project below and find more out about it right here. And if you as a musician want to take part in this adventure please sign in right here.