bomb the bass - bug powder dust

BOMB THE BASS have a new video. Bug Powder Dust (ReDusted) was produced and directed by Thomas Taw and Ted Harris, and premieres eclusively on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION.

To celebrate their twenty-five years existence, BOMB THE BASS blows out the birthday candles with some of their biggest tunes. As the name suggests, their new EP Mega Dis (out October 21) is a fusion of Megablast and Beat Dis, both given 21st century updates packed with percussion, driving bass lines and acidic synths. Bug Powder Dust (2013 ReDusted) gets taken out of its own body but retaining that killer bass riff.

With big hitters such as Beat Dis, BOMB THE BASS helped mould late 1980s acid house. Their linchpin, Tim Simenon, has led the group through a number of different incarnations, painting vivid pictures of modern culture on the albums Clear, Unknown Territory and Into The Dragon. More recently BOMB THE BASS have settled as a duo, vocalist Paul Conboy providing lyrical complements to Simenon’s continually inventive productions. The duo have made arguably the best work under the moniker, with guests from Mark Lanegan to Fujiya & Miyagi (Future Chaos), then a successful co-production with Gui Boratto (Back To Light).

Enjoy the video premiere of Bug Powder Dust. Pretty sure that you’ll love it. Maybe even for another twenty-five years.