Bombee - Photo by Julien Barrat

Photo by Julien Barrat

The boys of BOMBEE made a quick stop in Berlin to talk about their celebrated EP, Aurelia, and their 2013 tour. Unlike most musicians we meet, who endlessly praise the vibrant nightlife and culture found in Berlin, claiming the dynamic city to be a major source of inspiration, BOMBEE was itching to go back to the quiet gentle forest landscapes of Chemnitz, where they reside and create music. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION met with BOMBEE drummer and producer Philipp Röder, and singer Alexander Seypt. They will be going back on tour in February and are sure to make a stop in Berlin, so be sure to catch them when they’re in town.

So I have heard different things. Are there two or three of you in the band?
Alex: Three. We were originally two, and then one year ago Felix joined our group, and he and Philipp are producing the music and he is playing piano live, so now he is the main member.
Philipp: I produce and play drums live, which is actually a very new thing. We started playing acoustic, which is very cool and then we started to build up a band by starting other musicians to the live shows.

Since you started as two, working closely together, when you started to add on members of the band, how much creative freedom did you give them?
Philipp: I think that is depends on the records, after recoding it is like we have a concept, but when we create a record it just flows

Did you find their input beneficial to the development of your particular sound?
Alex: Yeah. For example, adding Felix to the band, was really adding another influence, when you make music together I think that there isn’t anything new developing after a while, so having another influence can really help you take step forward.