bombee - momo - video

Melancholy masters BOMBEE have released a video for their single Momo (out August 23rd), which announces their upcoming EP Aurelia (out October 25th). Having grown from a two-man project to a band, they now introduce their new face. The clip reflects the two musical sides of the band. Founded in electronic pop music, they more and more open up to traditional instrumentation. Also visually, the video plays with wandering between clubby scenes and an almost Biedermeier like look. BOMBEE is not about big effects. This band wants to be your friend over a long term and prefers modest moods. It’s the second view that uncovers the deep details waiting behind beautiful melodies. Let your mind wander with BOMBEE and their new clip Momo.

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06.09.13 – Leipzig / Werk2
09.09.13 – Hamburg / Astrastube
14.09.13 – Stuttgart / Zwölfzehn
15.09.13 – Offenbach / Waggon
17.09.13 – Freiburg / White Rabbit
18.09.13 – München / Studio Schwarz
19.09.13 – Dresden / Scheune
20.09.13 – Chemnitz / Weltecho
21.09.13 – Berlin / Prince Charles
22.09.13 – Jena / Cafe Wagner
04.10.13 – Luzern (CH) / Treibhaus
12.10.13 – München / Digital Analog Festival