Watch out – this is not for the squemish. Recently we learned from the new QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE video that the Asians are not always those peaceable camera-clicking beings we consider them to be. And now here come Japanese three-piece BORIS with their stomping, screaming 7-minute metal number Quicksilver that blows your rice bowl out of your hand.

Drummer Atsuo, guitarist Wata, and bassist/guitarist Takeshi (all sing) constantly changed their musical style during the last years, releasing sometimes experimental, droning and sometimes heavy rock records. Their new work Noise will be out on June 17 via Sargent House.

Who says the Sound of the Night always comes with attributes like ‘dreamy’, ‘relaxed’ or ‘drifting away’? There are enough night owls out there working or heading for the next party. So everyone who needs a good wake-up kick right now, turn the volume up and get ready for some hardcore karaoke.