Breakup - Photo by Viktor Flumé & 2faced1

Photo by Viktor Flumé & 2faced1

Swedish musicians Julia Spada and Ludvig Parment (better known as producer SATURDAY, MONDAY) have had their own solo projects for a while now, and have collaborated numerous times as solo artists. Now they’ve unveiled a more permanent collaboration; their new band BREAKUP.

The first track released by BREAKUP is Bubble, a hymn to escapism (‘I turn my head, from the mess, that we made’) and cutting yourself off from the world, dispatched through Spada’s helium-soaked vocal. She combines her R’N’B chorus melodies with Parment’s wobbling, percussive beats and little synth washes. BREAKUP claim that their aim is to make ‘classic pop songs where there’s always something a bit off’. Bubble fits that description perfectly; it’s sugary pop with a weird edge. There’s something slightly unsettling about it, but it’s still addictively catchy. There are no plans announced as of yet, but you can expect more music from BREAKUP as 2015 progresses.