Photo by Drew Reynolds

British singer/songwriter PIXX and her sparkling neo indie sound with grungy attitude is one that should definitely be on your radar this year. We previously told you about her catchy tune Baboo, now she announced the highly anticiapted debut album The Age Of Anxiety, out on June 2nd via 4AD. According to the press release the album ‘seeks to address a generation increasingly isolated by an unprecedented new world order, from the pressures of social media to ever-changing political turbulence.’ Quite some heavy stuff.

A catchy but also edgy new single called I Bow Down arrive today in the form of a psychedelic music video which you can enjoy below. Here’s what Hannah Rodgers aka PIXX has to say about it:

‘I’d been experimenting with head casts for a while with [make-up artist] Natasha Lawes for a while. We liked the idea of a constantly changing identity; that was the root concept of the video. The video shows me in different forms of myself — it represents the different states of mind I was in during the writing process for my album, and let me engage with a persona that I have never accessed before.’

You can watch all three previously released tracks from the PIXX debut below.

‘The Age Of Anxiety’ – Tracklist

01. I Bow Down
02. Toes
03. Grip
04. Romance
05. Telescreen
06. Everything Is Weird In America
07. Waterslides
08. A Big Cloud To Float Upon
09. Baboo
10. Your Delight
11. The Girls
12. Mood Ring Eyes

‘I Bow Down’