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Have you always searched for the right recording studio or sound engineer? As a musician or band it sometimes is really hard to find the right recording partners or decide for one of the many existing. Now a groundbreaking idea came up: an online marketplace for recording studios and sound engineers – brokenmusic.


“The idea for brokenmusic developed naturally, whenever my band mates and I spent way to too much time organizing and album production instead of making music together. Which sound engineer fits our sound? Which recording studios are available? Can we record live or do we have to do over-dubs? What are the payment conditions and method? Question that take a lot of time and nerves to answer. You waste time, during which you could be creative.


But what is brokenmusic and what can you expect from it? NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION took a closer look at it to find out what the strengths of this marketplace is. If you are a musician you surely know how many recording studios exist out there, and surely you also know how hard it is to decide for one. With brokenmusic a platform launched that makes several things possible: finding out about studios and booking them. Quickly, simple and safe. It makes the search for the ideal recording studio or perfect sound engineer way easier since every studio or sound engineer can be listed. So of course in the first step it is important that a lot of studios are listed, and of course the list – by now – isn’t amazingly long, but everyone who has a recording studio or is a sound engineer should go and sign up on brokenmusic. The interested musicians and bands can look up and compare offers. On the one hand producers can display their offers, references and service packages, on the other hand the users can find out exactly the right partner – simply because of the things producers show about their work. No matter if sound bites, equipment lists, references or personal input, everything can get demonstrated on brokenmusic. And everything can be looked up by interested people.

At the same time brokenmusic can set sound engineers into the perfect light, since it provides the right tools for micro-entrepreneurship. Due to this it gets easy for sound engineers to compete more potently with competitors and win more customers.


The heart and soul of our marketplace our self-developed booking and payment system. It allows musicians to live-check fee capacity and prices of their preferred recording studios. Instant booking requests are possible in order to easily, quickly and safely organize a production.


So brokenmusic brings amazing advantages for everyone in the field of music. No matter if musician or band, recording studio owner or sound engineer. While musicians and bands can find out the right partners whit whom they can record their songs and albums, the recording studios and sound engineers have the chance to be found way easier and last but not least be booked more often. Isn’t this a perfect win-win-situation? Yes, it definitely is! And the best: there are no additional fees musicians (just the booking fee for studios is 10%, but the listing is for free).

With this shortly launched online marketplace brokenmusic definitely sets a sign in the music industry. Even better to hear that the team is working on putting the whole recording market online. In order to do they are working on the series of features, which allow learning even more about the sound engineer behind the recording studios. Great things to come!

But for now: make sure to check out brokenmusic – the online marketplace for recording studios and sound engineers: