Bruce Springsteen - Hunter Of Invisible GameFor his new song Hunter of Invisible Games BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN decided to try out something new. It’s not uncommon that artists want to experience other crafts. The result is the directing debut of SPRINGSTEEN. Instead of making an ‘ordinary’ music video, The Boss decided to not only play the leading role but also to make a short movie out of it. The result is not a masterpiece but still very beautiful to watch.

Pretty images cut behind each other don’t make a good film. Whilst each single shot might be a wonderful cover for an album, they don’t work as a whole. SPRINGSTEEN uses the story of a young lovely woman and a child to glue the story together. Let’s face it, those are two characters that always score with the audience.

Throughout the first 5 minutes of the short film/music video only the beautiful strung guitar keeps you watching and listening. It gets interesting when SPRINGSTEEN finally starts singing. The song Hunter of Invisible Games is a folky and touching song. Melody and instrumentation are as good as we can expect from SPRINGSTEEN. But the short film is a just at tat too melodramatic and too impressionist with sunset images and linen blowing in the wind. We see a tormented singer that is making his way through the post-apocalyptic countryside.

In the end it is always interesting and fascinating to see how someone who has been around for decades, tries to reinvent hisself. BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN is still sexy in voice and appearances and he gets the job done to entertain us, that’s for sure.