Camilla Sparksss - Barbara Lehnhoff - 2014

She moves like a shark, thinks you are awesome and teaches you to hunt. Barbara Lehnhoff’s fantasy ego CAMILLA SPARKSSS releases her debut album, For You The Wild via Africantape / On the Camper Records.. Already now the album can be streamed exclusively on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION.

Camilla Sparksss - For You The Wild - Album Cover 2014


1. Move like a Shark
2. Precious People
3. I’ll Teach you how to Hunt
4. Europe
5. This is Huge
6. Sharing
7. For you the Wild
8. You are Awesome
9. Killer
10. White Cat

For You The Wild is the wildlife, the lakes, the woods and the art of behaving to invent your own games. A ten track album that is a stom of dirty electronic contorted pop written without any rules by Barbaea and her producer Aris Bassetti, who is also her partner in the art rock band PETER KERNEL. For You The Wild is a battle betwwen acting sweet and dancing in your face. An album about life. Wild life. Wildlife.

Sure the style might remind of CRYSTAL CASTLES and ATARI TEENAGE RIOT‘s NIK ENDO every now and then, but CAMILLA SPARKSSS definitely does not copy anyone. She creates her very own style and sound which is convincing and mind blowing from the frist to the last second. And so the single Move Like A Shark moves like one. A song that slowly glides through melodies of vast synths and nasty, soft vocals- The other face of For You The Wild boils with cutting metallic souinds and bizarre rapping vocals, psychedelic electro synths and snares. An album that is simply highly recommendable.

With her debut album ‘For You The Wild’ Barbara Lehnhoff aka CAMILLA SPARKSSS paints her own rainbow.

NBHAP Rating: 4/5