Restless American disco-punks !!! aka CHK CHK CHK are back with a follow-up to their 2015 LP As If. Shake The Shudder is set for a release via Warp Records on May 19, including twelve floorfillers. One goal for the band was to use synthesizer sounds they haven’t already used in the past, resulting in a lot of exciting electronic endeavours. The first single The One 2, for example, surprises with 90s jungle vibes and guest vocals by UK singer Lea Lea. A second one, called Dancing Is The Best Revenge, heads for more traditional dance territory and is up for enjoyment via a colourful music right now.

The group also announced a bunch of tour dates which you can find below.

‘Shake The Shudder’ – Tracklist

01. The One 2
02. DITBR (Interlude)
03. Dancing Is The Best Revenge
04. NRGQ
05. Throw Yourself In The River
06. What r u up 2Day?
07. Five Companies
08. Throttle Service
09. Imaginary Interviews
10. Our Love (U Can Get)
11. Things Get Hard
12. R Rated Pictures

‘Dancing Is The Best Revenge’

‘The One 2’