ChrisLie-HeartstarterIt’s no secret that Scandinavia is home to some pretty amazing pop artists. One of which is CHRIS LIE. The Norwegian R&B singer has just recently dropped his third studio album, Epilogue and is full of catchy tunes just like his new single, Heartstarter.

While many singers lament about heartbreak, CHRIS LIE has taken a different approach. With music inspired by watching movie trailers and old classic film clips – you can definitely feel the tension and excitement throughout the song – the lyrics are actually about trying to help someone close to the singer through a difficult time in their life. Hence the rather odd location of the video and the term heart starter.

‘The video is partly filmed in Berlin, and the clips from the abandoned Elisabeth Sanatorium represents the dark emotions of the person I’m trying to help. In light of that it’s funny that the girl in the video looks like me.’