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Cinderella’s Clothes is back again! Through different people who come from completely different backgrounds and fields, we get to see how the way we dress affect how people see us. ‘Fix your hair’, ‘tuck your shirt in’, ‘this skirt is too short’. Does it matter? Let’s see what our guest for today has to say. Welcome, Sibilla Calzolari!

I met with Sibilla on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Berlin. Probably one of the first springy Sundays. Sibilla is a soft-spoken and sweet woman, with a big, honest smile lightning her face. Graceful and multi-talented – yet humble, I am pretty sure that she is one of those who can make possible pretty much everything. What Sibilla does is all about music. She works as a photographer and as a PR agent at Nordic By Nature. Her photography manages to captivate how the nervousness of the backstage turns into magic at a live music show. As a PR agent she works on getting the artists at the position that people know about them and they want to see them on stage. Her work is like a chain. I was very much interested to hear what Sibilla had to say on Cinderella’s Clothes. She is someone who is surrounded by many people every day and in fact she has to make a good impression and convince. Can you predict what’s her judge, already?

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-I was born in Florence in Italy and was there for the first three years of my life, then I moved to the south of Germany where I lived by the lake Chiemsee for a few years, before moving to a village near Stuttgart. I grew up in a real village. I went to get fresh cow’s milk every day. That is probably why I love the city so much. I moved to Berlin when I was 19 and I’ve lived here, ever since. Besides a year in London in between.

-I have had several professions in my life. I worked in a gallery during my studies, at an auctioneer’s, at a bar, at a picture desk. I picked up photography at the age of 28 and ventured into music PR three years ago. I have been working at Nordic by Nature for two years now.

-I love working as a photographer where I take pictures of many musicians. I also love doing music PR where I support artists in another way. At the moment I think this is the perfect combination. I have always loved music – what’s better than promoting what you love.


-I certainly believe that the way we dress affects the way people see us. For instance this jumpsuit – I adore it, my girlfriends gave it to me for my birthday 5 years ago and I call it the ‘Dharma Inc. Suit’. I feel very comfortable and although when wearing it I ‘can-do-mechanic’, I would never wear it to a photo job. Some people even told me it looks ‘funny’, so I don’t think I would be taken seriously. I remember when I started out as a photographer I never wore my hair in a ponytail because it makes you look younger. During an assignment it is important that clients can actually see your experience somehow even if a ponytail doesn’t affect the way you work of course. At the auctioneer’s, I had to wear a suit every day. It felt like I was wearing a uniform and not being myself. I am more a Jeans and T-Shirt type, I don’t put that much effort into what I wear, so I am very happy that photography and music PR allow me to wear something casual – what I like wearing. Of course if I happen to shoot a wedding, which hardly ever happens, then I dress up. That’s a matter of respect towards your client as well – to adapt to the occasion. But luckily I work within the music industry that’s very tolerant when it comes to the dress code.

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