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Cinderella’s Clothes is back! Through people who come from completely different backgrounds and fields we try to find out if the way we dress affects how the other ones see us. Does it matter if I wear my khakis when I stroll in Upper East Manhattan? Our guest for today is a special one and I have a soft spot for her. Welcome Aggeliki Simeonidi!

Aggeliki is a museologist and runs a super cute fashion blog that is called ‘Cats Love Athens’. She is in between two different worlds! At least, that’s how one would imagine it. The museum is considered to be a strict space, but what we expect from a fashion blogger is to inspire us with their taste and ideas. Right? I thought that it would be interesting to invite her to simply tell us how she does it.

Now, I ain’t going to hide. I know Angie since the age of 5. She is my friend since then. She is my friend for 20 years now. If you have friends from that sensitive period you know how hard it is to grow up, take different directions and still manage to keep up with your best friend. You also know how pure and sweet your friendship is. I am so proud of Angie as she has become an amazing young lady who is following her call in life. She is following her passions, she is doing great! Which is teaching us already a lesson. We should never give up our dreams, but work hard on them to succeed. That said, let’s see what miss Aggeliki Simeonidi has to say!

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-I grew up in a small suburb, which is actually very close to the city centre of Athens in Greece. I have lived there since the day I was born, but in a few days I will move to London for studies.

-I have two big passions in my life that might be related to the word ‘profession’. These are photography and museums. My passion for photography is expressed through my blog Cats Love Athens. As for my passion about museums, I’ve studied it and I’ve also worked on museum education. In fact, I’ll keep studying it, that’s why I’m moving to the British capital city.

-The truth is that I have never thought of or made a tremendous decision concerning my future profession or my studies. All has happened very smoothly maybe because I was devoted and lucky. I always wanted to do things that really excite me and for which I have an inner passion. Through photography and museums I have the opportunity to learn new things and express myself in a very creative way.


-I’m inclined to believe that the way we dress depends on our profession and social environment. Personally, I tend to choose my clothes based on my everyday activities. While I was working with young children at a museum in Athens I chose to wear casual and comfy clothes to feel more comfortable to play and participate in hands-on activities. Additionally to feeling comfy, my colleagues and me had to respect the museum’s policy and space. While working in a museum, people represent and follow its principles.

On the other hand, as a fashion blogger my clothing choices are completely different because I have the ability to express myself by trying new combinations and playing with colours. I’m a huge fan of street style and of vintage style. However, I’m trying to draw inspiration from different everyday things so that I’m able to provide unique fashion tips to the readers. In this case, the way I dress is not restricted, it’s like a game.

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Feel free to contact us to take part in this! It’s not as scary as it seems.

All photos by Athena Koutromanos