ATTENTION all you attractive people! As a start for the end of this year, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION presents you another exclusive stream. Have a listen to the brilliant full album debut by C’MON TIGRE.

While we fight burning toasts and sticky butter down here at the basement of lust and passion, we listen to these sparkling and funk odeuring hot 13 tracks to warm our hearts and prepare for horrible winter. And you know what? Excitement can keep you warmer than love served like little cookies for your daily ginger-tea, my friends. So: Here is a full blown up set of psychedelic sinuosity you’ll get delivered as a gift from the Mediterranean gods of dionysian affiliation.

Listen now exclusively to the stream of this self-titled and self-released album from C’MON TIGRE.

The self-titled debut by C’MON TIGRE is out on October the 13th. Please pre-order the album here or via iTunes right here.