c'mon tigre.FTDF_1

C’MON TIGRE is a project born in the Mediterranean basin and spread out to the corners of the world’s metropolises. Informations about the collective are sparse though: The duo initiating C’MON TIGRE  decided not to sign the project with their birth names, to represent a single artistic voice, which is supposedly articulated by an extended family of musicians from all over the world.

The outcome is impressive. A voluptuous arrangement of sounds and styles from east to west. From Pop and Folk to Funk and Jazz they blend and shake a polyrhythmic dripping cocktail. As we already listened to their upcoming, self released and self titled debut, we can at least prepare you for one of your favourite records of the year, by sharing its first single Federation Tunisienne De Football. The video was shot in over 5000 hand painted frames by the Italian artist Gianluigi Toccafondo and speaks for itself. Convince yourself right here.