Coachella 1 Popsugar

The crown keepers. Flower headbands are a must at Coachella. As it seems. The photo is taken from Popsugar

Today the whole Internet world goes like ‘did you see how MADONNA tongued DRAKE?’. Actually it is more like ‘did you see DRAKE’s reaction after MADONNA tongued him?’. Whatever your/our opinions are – that is somehow classified as entertainment and, in all cases, Madge is Madge.

But when Madge doesn’t seem to care about what she wore on stage (for the record, she wore a printed Tee that said ‘BIG AS MADONNA’ which is fair enough as a statement, paired up with some fishnet tights), why do all these youngsters put so much effort and spend hours in front of the mirror in order to go to a festival at the desert? Why so many articles and photo galleries about what people wore at Coachella? The coverage on what people wore was more legit than the concert reviews. Does this happen with all festivals now? Will it be the same at Primavera or at Iceland Airwaves? If it like that, the festival season can be quite stressful. I’ll rest my case.

To start from somewhere, I am very much familiar with how huge this festival is and I was lucky to have been there. It is massive. The hottest names are playing. The whole production team of the festival is working on it for a year so that everything runs smooth and easy. Coachella is somehow associated with the first days of summer – where you can first sport your light and colorful clothes. That being said, I have no idea if the people care about the music itself. Coachella has more and more turned into a social gathering, where VIPs are acting and treated like (almost) normal people – usually getting lost in the crowd, partying with their bodyguards. It is the right spot to be seen. To be on the photos. To look good on the photos. To look flawless and hopefully better that the others. And who knows? Maybe you will end up at a magazine with people cringing about your epic skills of reigning the Boho King/Queen style. Yay!


Coachella is and should be a lifetime experience or (for the regular goers) something you are looking forward to it, something that you’re nervously anticipating. For example, who gets the chance to see at the same night FLORENCE, ST. VINCENT and MARINA AND THE DIAMONS? If there was a god/goddess of Girl Power, he/she would have been super pleased with such a lineup for just another Sunday evening. What I am trying to say is that the music is the purpose of this ‘lifestyle event’. What I am trying to say is that a music festival doesn’t have a reason to exist if what it matters the most is what people are wearing.

Coachella 5 H & M

From the H&M Coachella Collection. Photo courtesty of the brand.

The festival found a weird way to clear up the above. They banned the ‘selfie sticks’ and the ‘narcissists’ for this year. Whatever they do though, everyone will do their own thing. And after all, it sounded a little like an early April fools joke. H&M had a special Coachella collection . Easy guessing that the festival has agreed on that. The verdict is all yours.


Or not? Does the façade matter more these days? Of course, brands like H&M and Coachella are a pretty good indicative sign of the new era, as they address to the masses. Have a look at all these makeup tutorials on YouTube, usually made by super young girls who want to look like beauty pageant contestants from the moment they wake up till they go to bed. Things have changed, apparently. People used to connect through music, but nowadays they are probably exchanging beauty tips and styling hacks. At least it feels so. Am I the only one who sees the vain turn we made?

From the other hand, if people feel happy with it, that’s all that matters, right? Looking good on the dance floor never harmed anyone. If it is all about ‘let’s put on our nicest clothes and let’s go get lost among the people and (try to) dance like FKA TWIGS‘, that’s ok. After all, nobody can tell us what to do or how we should do it. If it is like that, I fully support it. If it comes with stress about being the prettiest in the desert, that’s super lame! Put on something comfortable and cool, do not care about what people think about and have an amazing time at one of the best festivals ever. Be yourselves. It’s way better and more interesting than trying to ‘copy the look’.

In other words and news, one more weekend of Coachella mania is coming up. Let’s hope to read more about the artists.

Coachella 6 Snap Fashionista

Photo by Snap Fashionista