Ampersphere/Colaris - 2013 - album cover


1. No End In Sight (Ampersphere)
2. The Forgotten (Ampersphere)
3. The Way Of Origin (Ampersphere)
4. Haste (Colaris)
5. Futile (Colaris)
6. Drowning In Bitterness (Colaris

It’s always nice to have two bands collaborating on a special release – but it’s even more enjoyable if those two bands turn out to be brothers in mind. The result can now be experienced with this split-release by german bands AMPERSPHERE and COLARIS. The former getting more and more attention recently with their ambitious and tendentially aggressive alternative rock and the last gaining lots of respect – including ours – for their massive soundscapes they create with only three members. Surprisingly, there’s a red line in this release, even though COLARIS tend to concentrate on purely instrumental music, whilst AMPERSPHERE are not afraid to use the whole spectrum of emotional rock music, including vocals.

All things considered, you could say that COLARIS create the dystopian, atmospheric frame that AMPERSPHERE are able to fill with words and meaning. Both covering one song from another and contributing two of their own, this split-EP illuminates the shades of grey between post-rock-structures and technically advanced alternative rock – six songs, from two very talented german rock bands, that you should definitely give a spin. You can buy this beauty over HERE or exclusively stream it in its entirety right below – either way: enjoy!