COLDER is the electronic project of Marc Nguyen Tan, erring between a cold-wave and ambient atmosphere. After having released several albums, including last year Many Colours, COLDER comes back releasing two new albums on the 24th of June on Bataille Records. Goodbye is the kind of record you want to have running on your turntable for your morning coffee, while The Rain is a more experimental ambient-focused album. The release is escorted by several interesting remixes, and NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is happy to premiere one of them.

The track Goodbye is the finishing track of the first album, giving its name to this first part. Here, Berlin producer PROVIDENCE proposes a much more sub-bass oriented version in an ethereal aesthetic. The synth are on arpeggios mode, and soon enough a slow beat comes breaking it down to finish on a eigth-note blasted climax.