Wedding Dresses 2 Minna


Spring time is here, summer is coming up and – ahem, the wedding season is on! On a hunt for the best flowers, catering and THE dress, most of the future newlyweds lose their sleep. But hey, this is supposed to be fun. And, I mean, isn’t it great that you go for it, you met the love of your life and you decided to unite your houses? Make it one, cozy and sweet?

So, and to enter  the point I want to make, we are the generation who cares, right? Be conscious, future brides! I am here to show you eco-friendly wedding gowns and to convince you that these are the most beautiful bridal garments. On top of that, eco-friendly means sustainable and isn’t that great that your grand-daughters will be able to sport those fancy vintage dresses of yours? Ok, this is long term planning.

In case that you are not getting married any time soon, or you don’t plan it at all, because ‘yikes, marriage, old-fashioned…pfft’, still, scroll below. Oh come on. It’s a cute one.

*Sprinkling flowers on the way*

Wedding dress Minna

Dreamy creations by Minna

Minna is the brand of the Finnish, self-taught, brilliant designer Minna Hepburn. You can only be amazed. Gowns and dresses of a vintage style and based on teeny tiny details that make every bride feel confident and happy on a special day. Minna also has a children clothing line. Just saying…

Wedding dress Celia Grace

Elegant gowns by Celia Grace

Are you a more classic bride, want to keep it simple, but elegant? Celia Grace is the perfect brand for you. It’s a fair trade House and as they say they persevere ‘tradition with every stitch’. Weaving silk is a Cambodian expertise that counts hundreds of years back since its start. What’s also special about this brand is that they give you the opportunity to know about the sewing process. Which is nice!

Wedding dress_2 Daughters of Simone

Vintage and ethereal gowns from Daughters of Simone

Daughters of Simone is for the brides who want to make the difference. The brand is inspired from the amazing Simone De Beauvoir and is for all of her daughters. All the women who are ahead of their era and they know exactly what they want. Embrace the beauty. Vintage lines, romantic details that are making a statement.

Wedding dress Deborah Lindquist

For edgy brides, Deborah Lindquist

Deborah Lindquist and cheers to the drama queen. If you have been waiting for this day since you were a baby girl, then this is exactly the brand that you should go for dress hunting. And I am being super serious with it. Like SUPER serious.

Beyond Skin

Beyond Skin

Shoes are also important! Beyond Skin has a variety of high/mid heels and flats to choose. As I was informed, they will have new designs from April on. We’ll make sure to keep you posted!

Photos can be found on the websites of each brand. Please, find the links above.