Cub & Wolf - What we lost in the Fire

There’s a good chance that you don’t know about CUB & WOLF yet but today’s premiere of their new clip for What We Lost In The Fire is a good way to change it. The Swedes are actually not that unknown as they consist of former musical contributors to the sounds of bands like GOLDEN KANINE and GRANT CREON. Guess you could say that this is like a Swedish all-star bedroom-folk-project. Lots of words to describe what’s actually pretty simple: sensitive, calm and reduced folk music, garnished with some slowcore-influences and far from of any kind of vanity.

What We Lost In The Fire is taken off of CUB & WOLF‘s first record which will come out in January next year. The clip for it which we got right here might get you in a certain sinister christmas-mood already. Just like the music, it’s plain simple but pretty effective. Have a look and enjoy!