Current Swell - Photo by Lillie Louise Major

Photo by Lillie Louise Major

Canadian indie rockers CURRENT SWELL are back with a new video to their new single Bad News. The song is about a friend of the band who struggles with addiction and about dreading to pick up the phone, in fear that the other end has bad news about the addicted person.

With this CURRENT SWELL create an awareness campaign that ‘drug addiction is an illness, not a crime’. The video is used to invoke a conversation and to use statistics that show addiction is all around us and not just a ‘homeless’ problem or related to financial means. It is something that people struggle with. Hopefully the video could help people understand that it is not a choice but an illness, and needs to be treated as such.

Is the band is right with this or not? Well… maybe sometimes it starts with a choice that gets an illness. However, it is important to raise awareness for a topic like this!