Daniel Ruane

Who is it?

DANIEL RUANE is a Manchester born and raised talented electronic producer. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION was really happy to premiere one of his ambient EP, Incandescent, just a few months ago. We would have been surprised not to hear from him again, and we’re excited to see that he’s aiming for more.

Why should you listen to it?

Genus is a tender melting pot between drum & bass influences, a Squarepusher vibe, and some atmospheric steams. It is carefully crafted and will instantly transport you up to Britain. The right balance of everything is there, DANIEL RUANE is proving to be very mature for his age.

What’s next?

This track is taken from DANIEL RUANE‘s debut, titled Arcs his LP will be released on The Silent Howl on May 13th and if you happen to be a fan of atmospheric electronic sounds you’d better have this hidden treasure on your radar.

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