Who is it?

Umeå musician MI VON AHN, who’s risen to prominence over the past two years with a number of driving acoustic rock singles. Signed up to Sweden’s Bolero Recordings, she’s just released a brand new one, Where The Pines Meet The Sky.

Why should you listen to it?

Where The Pines Meet The Sky is sweeping, coasting dream-rock, spiralling guitar lines shooting off around VON AHN‘s voice, as warm as a sunset hitting the horizon. It’s a song that stretches off into the, well, sky, that blends the epic and the personal into something magical.

What’s next?

Where The Pines Meet The Sky is out now, backed with a cover of DAVID BOWIE‘s Heroes. VON AHN says about the cover:

‘I can relate to the lyrics. For me it’s about the grayness of the everyday, the darkness in a relationship, and the ability to see the glimpse of light. The lyrics have an ironic undertone, which I like.’

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