Who is it?

Japanese-Danish musician IDA KUDO, who debuted with a self-titled EP back in 2015. She’s been releasing singles sporadically since then, and now she’s back with a brand new one, Jinx.

Why should you listen to it?

Jinx is a thudding,  piece of electronica, KUDO building a song in the space between thumping beats and eventually blowing the whole thing into a monster chorus. The song is about a ‘break up in a mythological horror frame where a woman gets possessed by a spirit ‘The Jinx’ and she is calling him to get her love back’, with KUDO explaining ‘The mythical and superstitious universes are great channels to portray a desperation in a very symbolic way’. Hardly your standard material for a song, but then Jinx is much more than your standard song. KUDO impressively blends experimental-ism and listen-ability, and we can’t wait for more.

What’s next?

A video for Jinx is on the way.

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