Fyfe, photo by Sophie Harris Taylor

photo by Sophie Harris Taylor

Who is it?

FYFE is Paul Dixon, a singer, songwriter and producer from Manchester. Armed with a bright tenor that sounds very much like SOHN‘s and operating with some of the ingredients that make catchy, r’n’b-infused pop – electronic beats, crystal-clear piano and lush synthesizer sounds, to name a few – the English producer has attracted a sizable following around the world. Now he is on the verges of releasing his new album, and Love You More is a new treat from that.

Why should you listen to it?

Love You More is built around a sparkling piano vamp, which Fyfe cloaks with a selection of electronic percussion, brassy synthesizers and, in later in the track, bouncy cameos of guitar. Echoing youthfulness as much as contemporary R&B, Dixon sings with ‘the voice of a parent documenting the changing relationship with a growing child. The conflicting desires to protect, but also to see them flourish. Sometimes the most loving thing is to let go.’ In all this, Fyfe manages to capture a sense of creative effortlessness – Love You More is refreshingly unformulaic, progressing between parts and eschewing verse/chorus structures with surprising ease.

What’s next?

Fyfe’s yet-to-be-titled follow up to his debut album Control is set to be released in summer. In the meantime, check him out at his headline show at Omeara, London on May 4th.

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