Photo: PJ Sykes

Photo by PJ Sykes

Who is it?

Virginia band GOLD CONNECTIONS, the baby of guitarist and vocalist Will Marsh. Marsh is a college friend of CAR SEAT HEADREST‘s Will Toledo, and both spent time rolling in and out of each other’s bands before both projects grew into CAR SEAT HEADREST and this one. GOLD CONNECTIONS have a debut EP on the way, written back in 2014 and freshly produced and mixed by Toledo.

Why should you listen to it?

The lead single off that EP is New Religion, a sprawling rock song that starts softly before building up in waves and waves into a crashing, powerful beast. Marsh says the song ‘was written one dirty afternoon in a cramped off-campus apartment. I was reacting to anxiety and melancholy by melding images which characterise that psychological space’. Marsh wraps that anxiety and melancholy up in fuzz and spits it out into the world. Even on first listen, it feels like a classic that’s been around, or should have been around, all your life.

What’s next?

GOLD CONNECTIONS‘ self titled debut EP is out on Fat Possum on March 31st, with a debut full-length due later in the year.

‘Gold Connections’ – EP Tracklist:
1. Faith In Anyone
2. Isabel
3. Popular Fiction
4. New Religion
5. Salt

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