Who is it?

HANNE MJØEN, a musician, singer and producer from Oppdal in Norway. She dropped her debut single Perfect Noise (the title of which did a lot of headline writers’ work for them) towards the end of 2016, and now she’s back with a new one, U (between her and SIGRID, are Norwegians on commission now to borrow KENDRICK LAMAR song titles?).

Why should you listen to it?

The pop world right now is a pretty crowded place, so you need to have something special to stand out. Luckily, U definitely has that. It’s a perfectly formed electro-pop song, MJØEN singing over sparkling synths and a chorus with real thump. The subject matter (addictive obsession over a person) is pretty normal, but MJØEN has a special talent to sell it, the emotion bleeding through her voice to the point where it’s impossible not to feel something. And in the end, that’s what great pop is all about.

What’s next?

HANNE MJØEN will be releasing more music and playing more shows throughout 2017. U is out now on Sailor Music.

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