Who is it?

Swedish musician JULIA VERO spent the last few years making high-octane power pop (including the superb Lilac Sky), but it seems that now she’s taken a directional swerve. Vero is back as part of a new three piece group VERO, and they’re freshly signed to Sony Sweden. Here’s their debut single Hello.

Why should you listen to it?

Hello splices that industrial screech that DAVID BOWIE employed on Scary Monsters with a low-slung, groove-laden rock song to create one of the freshest things we’ve heard all year. Basically, the whole reason anyone gets into rock music is because it’s a) cool, and b) fun, and VERO remember that on Hello, because this song is soaked in cool.

What’s next?

No word yet on what’s coming next, but after Hello we can’t wait.

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