Who is it?

VIEWFINDER, aka London musician Joel Burton, who plays and produces the music himself on an old tape machine. Freshly signed up to cassette label Memorials Of Distinction (whose artist JAKE ROLLINS we featured a few months ago), he’s set to release a debut album, Born Ticking, on March 20th. And Born Ticking also happens to be the name of that record’s first single.

Why should you listen to it?

Born Ticking is a strung-out, woozy song, a collapsed sigh that sprawls across its five minute duration. Burton’s vocal and image-poetry lyrics gently unspools across a dreamy background of soft guitars, before it reaches the release phrase ‘Born Ticking’, and a riff sees the song to its expiry. There’s a kind of loose, weary grace to certain songs, that bands like GIRLS used to be able to do so well on songs like Hellhole Ratrace; VIEWFINDER have captured that perfectly here.

What next?

The Born Ticking album is out on March 20th on Memorials of Distinction.

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