Who is it?

A London based producer, releasing music under the pseudonym NUI BLANC. We don’t know much about the newcomer because he hasn’t revelead his personality yet – a fact that perfectly fits to his mysterious and dark electronic sound. There’s just the heavy textured debut single Under with its 360º VR experience video that throws the viewer into an uncanny world where multiple, scattered sounds radiate in all directions.

Why should you listen to it?

Under is an elaborated, dark and atmospheric piece, featuring mysterious vocals and deconstructing electronical elements. Strongly reminding of Australian electronic R’n’B formation MOVEMENT, but also people like HOLY OTHER and ANDY STOTT, NUI BLANC perfectly hits the Zeitgeist with his mystical sound and video which was done in collaboration with the visual artist David Negrão .

It draws upon the concept of post-humanist subjectivity which dismisses the presence of a strict line distinguishing human from non-human, organic from mechanistic, and is inspired by Deleuze and Guattari’s notion of the body without organs. As we travel around dismembered bodies, discovering their ominous and sinister surroundings, we get increasingly close to the main hybrid figure who is neither human nor machine.

What’s next?

We can expect to hear new material from NUI BLANC in the next months, according to him there will be a new single and an EP released pretty soon. He didn’t unveil when exactly this will happen, probably to keep to maintain his mysterious aura. But although we don’t know anything yet, we’re definitely looking forward to hear more music soon.

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