Who is it?

Two years ago, PERERA ELSEWHERE struck the minds with a single titled Bizarre. The least that we can say is that she remains truthful to that identity. She’s always been a precocius artist as she helped popularize grime and dubstep in Berlin back in the days. More recently, she travelled to Kenya to work with local MCs.

Why should you listen to it?

If you like inventive electro-pop, you’ll certainly like it. There’s an anxious feeling to it, and the blazing drums give a mystical touch to the whole track.

What’s next?

Sasha Perera and her alter ego will be performing at the Torstraßen Festival tomorrow, as well as our beloved By The Lake Festival later this summer; the trip will surely be worth it! PERERA ELSEWHERE has also been releasing her new LP All Of This last week.

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