Who is it?

THE WINTER GYPSY are an indie folk group from Adelaide, South Australia. Forming as a collusion of four separate bands in August, 2015, the band ranges from soft folk melodies and haunting vocal harmonies to soaring, upbeat instrumentals.

Why should you listen to it?

Back in 2008, Tushar Singh’s (lead vocalist) mum was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she continued to battle this until 2011 when she finally overcame it. Following this he moved schools and really started to focus more on music as his passion. The single Took Me By relates to the thoughts that were going through his head during this time in his life. However, the song itself is also about the uncertainty and fragility of situations that are out of your control. It’s an elaborated melancholic and spheric indie piece with well pitched vocals that reminds you of life’s fragility.

What’s next?

THE WINTER GYPSY released their debut EP Page 1 a few months ago and are currently playing a bunch of shows in Australia. And since we are really in love with their dreamy melodies we think you should be as well.

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