Who is it?

Australian four piece TORA, heading from Byron Bay. They describe their unique sound as electronic/chillwave and can be compared to celeberated artists like ALT-J, NICK MURPHY or SOHN. Following first promising material back in 2015 the lads are now back for a second round and a first full-length release.

Why should you listen to it?

With their special sound the four guys already played a sold out headliner tour in their home country Australia. Their mixture of electronica, groovy chillwave and relaxed pop vibes hits the zeitgeist perfectly and delivers just the amount of delicate and smooth vibe you need on a sunny Friday like today.

What’s next?

Take A Rest TORAs debut record will be released on june the 9th. And there will also be more tour dates soon. Find the dates below our Daily Tune playlist.

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