dark dark horse - mercury nevada

“This is good fortune / This is your lucky day”

The British electropop band DARK DARK HORSE consists of members of postrock band MAYBESHEWILL. Their song Ethics was featured on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s latest free sampler “Nothing But… Electropop” alongside tracks by artists like LITTLE BOOTS, BODI BILL, MAN WITHOUT COUNTRY, SANDRA KOLSTAD, ASBJØRN and many more.

Now DARK DARK HORSE released another video from their upcoming album Centuries (out in autumn). The song is titled Mercury Nevada and is a wonderful dreamy and at the same time very melancholic piece of music.

The 405, who shortly premiered the video, wrote: “‘Mercury, Nevada’ is a beautiful and touching song. It opens with arpeggiated piano chords and swelling strings. These elements combine into the main chord progression with a pulsating beat driving the song forward. James Stafford’s vocals soar on the chorus, singing “This is good fortune/This is your lucky day,” without a trace of excitement that this sentiment should offer. Instead, the lines are delivered with the hopeful yet melancholy mood evoked over the entire track’s seven minute span.”
NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION totally agrees with these words and names DARK DARK HORSE‘s Mercury Nevada “Sound of The Day”. So sink into melancholy and sing along “This is good fortune / This is your lucky day”, because Mercury Nevada will make your day a lucky one.

If you don’t like the Mercury Nevada video, because you simply cannot concentrate on pictures for more than seven minutes, you surely still will love the song itself. Here is a soundcloud version of the song which you can love, spread, share and of course put in your playlist. The same you should of course do if you enjoy the video. Enjoy the “Sound of The Day”, coming from UK’s electronic pop act DARK DARK HORSE.