David Bronson - Living in Name

DAVID BRONSON released his debut album Story earlier this year. It is the first installment of a deeply cathartic 22 track opus, yet chronologically the second half of his narrative. With quite a lot years of writing, producing, and recording in New York as an indie musician with a tight budget, DAVID BRONSON let nothing get in the way of the album’s large and expressive scope. Beginning with a young man’s loss of hope and identity following the end of first love, a project came to life to continue through the prolonged, arduous, and life-changing journey to re-find them. Originally meant as one record, it became obvious to Bronson that the album represented growth itself: ‘It became a metaphor and conduit for everything I was feeling in my inner life, and I put everything into it, I indulged myself to get everything the way I wanted; the art of it became the only thing that mattered.”.

DAVID BRONSON explains that “The Long Lost is exactly that: a piece of my history, somewhat ancient history actually, but certainly a piece that informed much of my life that followed, in various important ways. This album documents the most difficult period I can remember. There was a lot of darkness, which I think is reflected in the music; both in the lyrics as well as in the makeup of the songs themselves. The title refers, on the one hand, to exactly what was going on; it really is a picture of someone who’s almost completely lost.”

Now he introduces the first song from his new album. The track is titled Living in Name and its video premieres exclusively on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION.

“In some ways, ‘Living in Name’ is the quintessential song on The Long Lost. It’s the most minimal song on what is generally a much quieter, more internal album than its counterpart, Story. It was also recorded within a matter of days from when I wrote it, so there’s that level of immediacy in there as well. Like a lot of songs, it came as a very quick reaction to something that happened. Both emotionally and structurally it’s maybe the purest distillation and statement of meaning for the whole record as well as the actual process of creation for the entire Long Lost Story.”

Enjoy DAVID BRONSON‘s Living in Name. A track that simply couldn’t be more emotional and breathtaking.