david howald - tango dreads

Get ready to be immersed in a humorous film noir, covering one of the most tragic topics of all; life itself. In this brand-new video for the single Tango Dreads, DAVID HOWALD is followed by a helpless clown who seems to mimic every move he makes as he tries to integrate into day-to-day life. “How could I not be in love with this life?” David cries out ironically, as it becomes clear that the clown is a reflection of his own fears and uncertainties. A dark side indissolubly inherent to every human being.

The video, which was directed by DAVID HOWALD & THE TIDAL TENEMENTS and Priscilla Hasenböhler, matches the tango-esque sound quite well. The combination of the cheery tune and the dark, melancholic lyrics remind of our beloved cult band THE SMITHS. Enjoy the video premiere of Tango Dreads right here.