The Wytches - 2013

THE WYTCHES put you in the right mood for this year’s summer

Nothing new: garage music is back and grunge too! Quite possible that this year’s summer soundtracks will come from these scenes. They might even be quite psychedelic. Sunny days, psychedelic nightmares and massive parties. Now the British band THE WYTCHES announced the release of their new single Beehive Queen and bring today’s “Sound Of The Day”. A song that perfectly fits to a day like today and to get in the right mood for this year’s summer. Are you ready? THE WYTCHESBeehive Queen will push you forward. Promised!

Beehive Queen will be released via Hate Hate Hate on June 3rd, but already now the song is named “Sound Of The Day” on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION and can be streamed below. Enjoy!