De Lux

DE LUX, also known as LA duo Sean Guerin and Isaac Franco, are a band that specialise in manic warped disco funk, and are now set to release their second record, Generation, on Innovative Leisure Records. The album is ‘inspired by the infamously uncensored lyrics of punk performance artist Karen Finley’, and also apparently includes a nod to the theme tune from Pokémon, which should make for an interesting trip. They’ve celebrated the album announcement by releasing lead single Someday Now.

I am ready to admit that I was one hundred percent convinced that the vocal on this track was a David Byrne sample,because the lyrics and the sound were so inherently Byrnian. But apparently it isn’t a sample, which is fantastic for DE LUX because sounding like the TALKING HEAD mastermind is essentially one of the best attributes a band, or indeed a human, can have. But DE LUX’s sound is still very distinctly theirs, and that’s what makes this song so good. Someday Now is packed with infectious groove to an absurd level, the kind of track that’ll hop into your brain after one listen and lock the door behind it. It’s the kind of irrepressibly gleeful disco that obliges you to cheer up, and if it doesn’t you are essentially soulless and you should probably take medicine for that or something. Generation is out on June 22nd.