Photo by Shane Thomas McMillan

Photo by Shane Thomas McMillan

Beloved South African songwriter Cherilyn MacNeil has detailed the new album by her alter ego DEAR READER. Day Fever arrives on February 24, 2017 via City Slang, following 2013’s Rivonia. ‘It went against everything I felt comfortable with,’ describes MacNeil the recording process in San Francisco with producer John Vanderslice. The entire LP was only produced in only ten days.

I Know You Can Hear It is the name of its first single and it coms with an arty video, shot by director Annikki Heinemann who explains the video with the following words:

‘Dear Reader’s song deals with the theme of death, so we decided to tell the story of a young man who has died, and his transition into the next realm. Cherilyn and her band mates play four ‘ferrywomen’ who help guide the man to the afterlife, and rather than a place to be feared, it is a place where he can be free.’

A second clip arrives in the form of the lyric video for Then, Not Now Cherilyn MacNeil herself directed the video together with Annie Boman and filmed it in Berlin. She explains the special look of the video:

‘I love the fact that we made an ‘analog’ lyric video to pair with music that was recorded all on tape. The song is about how I have changed since I moved north, almost seven years ago, and the juxtaposition of light and darkness, naivety and cynicism (or realism, depending which way you go). So I feel like it is really fitting that the video portrays my new neighbourhood under the cover of snow and night.’

You can watch the new DEAR READER videos below the album’s artwork and details.

‘Day Fever’ – Tracklist:

1. Oh, The Sky!
2. Tie Me To The Ground
3. So Pretty So Pathetic
4. Mean Well
5. Wake Him
6. Placate Her
7. If Only
8. I Know You Can Hear It
9. Nothing Melodious
10. Then, Not Now
11. The Run

‘Then, Not Now’

‘I Know You Can Hear It’