DFA 1979 - Virgins


DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979‘s glorious return record The Physical World came out in September last year and this clip for Virgins is the second song visualization that Jesse F. Keeler and Sebastien Grainger shared from it – and it’s quite a disturbing one, but we’ll come to that later. The video was directed by Eva Michon, married to DFA’s Sebastien Grainger and also responsible for the latest documentary on the duo, Life After Death From Above 1979.

Why Should I Watch This?

You shouldn’t. At least not in case an excessive Amish party freaks you out, or in case you’re at work. Because we simply have to attach the NSFW-badge on this. But you definitely should watch it if you’re into the very special DEATH FROM ABOVE-humour, omnipresent here in the pretty direct sexual innuendos, the massive use of mushrooms, the duo’s very own cameo as cops or the simple, basic fact that this clips centers around a couple of Amish people totally freaking out (can’t stress that fact enough).

Anything Else?

This song will definitely also be part of the upcoming shows of DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 here in Germany, proudly presented once again by us, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION, your expert when it comes to mushrooms and psychedelic Amish partys. Check out the tourdates right here and don’t miss your chance to witness the “AC/DC of hardcore” live on stage – because that’s where they belong.

Death From Above 1979 – Tourdates

20.06. – Dresden – DE – Beatpol
22.06. – Köln – DE – Gloria
23.06. – Wiesbaden – DE – Schlachthof