It took Canadian garage rock duo DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 ten years to release their second studio album, 2014’s  The Physical World. Thank god, we don’t have to wait another decade for follo-up material by Sebastien Grainger and Jesse Keeler. The group now released a brand new tune called Freeze Me which will officially be released on June 9.

The most important thing that comes with the new single is the fact that the duo ditched the ‘1979’ from their name and will no simply go by the name DEATH FROM ABOVE. It was actually the band’s original name, but they were forced to add the year following a dispute with James Murphy’s label Death From Above (DFA) Records back in the early 00s.

Freeze Me sounds like a mixture between the band’s previous work and Keeler’s electronic side-project MSTRKRFT. No additional information about a full album are known by now but the band already said that we don’t have to wait another ten years. Thumbs up for this. The music video is quit a weird affair that you should not miss right here.