The almighty DEFTONES have officially confirmed the release of their new studio album. The anticipated follow-up to 2012’s Koi No Yokan goes by the simple name Gore and will be released on April the 8th via Warner Bros Records. The band already released a first for it yesterday but somehow decided to take it down again. Thankfully somebody managed to get hold of it so you can enjoy it below. Anyway, the release is official as Stephen Carpenter recently also confirmed.

According to Blabbermouth leading man Chino Moreno describes Gore in the following words:

I can’t really compare it to our last couple of records. I mean, those two records were done in a very similar manner where we locked ourselves in a room for a short period of time and wrote and recorded it. And therefore, I feel like we sort of really captured this moment in time, and the records sort of sound cohesive because of that. This record was done sort of over a year, spread out over these little, tiny writing sections. So it sounds a bit more fragmented, but in a good way. … It’s definitely a DEFTONES record. The way I look at it is it’s a gradual step from where we last were.’

An official announcement is expected very soon but you can already take a look at the new DEFTONES tour dates below.