Deichkind - Photo by HenningBesser

Photo by Henning Besser

If you recently scrolled through NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s list of currently important German-singing bands you might know these gentlemen. Hamburg electro rap superstars DEICHKIND are back with a new record. Niveau Weshalb Warum (which can be translated to ‘Standard Why How Come’) is the name of the trio’s new longplayer which will be released on January the 30th via their freshly founded new label ‘Sultan Günther Music.’

Today the expressionistic rap collective already unveiled a first track from the album called So ‘ne Musik (‘That kind of music’). The clip sees rappers Porky, Kryptic Joe und Ferris Hilton embracing a luxurious lifestyle and arty cloths and has DEICHKIND basically saying… we’re back, watch out, world! Don’t mind the language barrier and witness the whole madness right here.