Delhia de France - Photo by Robert Raithel

DELHIA DE FRANCE – Photo by Robert Raithel

DELHIA DE FRANCE shares a breath with you. The German artist who is known for being the front-woman of PENTATONES, and collaborated with artists like ROBAG WRUHME, DOUGLAS GREED, STEVE BUG, and many more, finally shared the video for her first solo single Share A Breath. Electronic music meets a harp and the diva’s touching voice. Her debut EP Suavium will be released on May 27th via Lebensfreude Records. Suavium will be the first EP of DELHIA DE FRANCE‘s so-called ‘kiss-trilogy’.

Share A Breath shows DELHIA comepletely naked (no worries… the video is still safe for work) in a way that couldn’t be more aesthetic. And so not only electronic and classic elements meet, also music and visual art meet. Simply because both belong together. Share a breath with the lady who has everything it takes to make it really big.