DENA - 2015 - Photo by Hanna Sturm


Do girls really like DRAKE more than their boyfriends? Well… at least this is what DENA says in her new song Girls Like Drake (More Than Their Boyfriends). A hopeless romanticization of DRAKE or just a joke that came up while DENA spent studio time in Los Angeles? Via email she told The Fader the following: ‘We all hung out in Echo Park and spent a whole day vibing and reflecting on music, the process of creating, writing, producing, the challenges of the music industry, and, finally, a general affinity for DRAKE. Next thing we knew, we met up to jam out at TammyKruelz’s home studio where we ended up writing and producing ‘Girls Like Drake’.’

Why Should I Watch This?

The video was shot during a fun drive through Los Angeles in a ’90s jeep. ‘We shot it on the first Coachella Sunday, so this is basically us while DRAKE was playing in the desert.’ So no matter if you like DRAKE more than you boyfriend or not, no matter if you are male or female… if you are into R&B tunes and some fun, DENA‘s video Girls Like Drake (More Than Their Boyfriends) is definitely worth watching. Also the song and video features TAMMYKRUELZ (aka AKUA), who’s regularly on stage with SOLANGE.

Anything Else?

If you really like DRAKE (or anyone else) more than you boyfriend (or girlfriend), you should really start thinking about yourself.