deo & z-man - xtc
The blood brothers DEO & Z-MAN have a new video. XTC premieres on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION right now. The two guys grew up influenced by different styles from hip hop over psyrock to italopop. Now they blend everything in an inconceivable and multifaceted way to release music on various labels such as compost and opsm. XTC is a release that manages to be both dance floor dynamite and wryly tongue in cheek.

XTC is the second single taken off DEO & Z-MAN‘s debut album No Bullshit which will be released in December via Hafendisko.

The new video is taking on an abstract view on the unbeatable thrill of young love and was directed, written and edited by Helena Ratka. Sending the young protagonists off to a Bonnie & Clyde reminiscing dadaistic adventure story including robbery, being chased down by obscure gang members and making friends with friendly monsters (not monsters) this video is a trip into the weird but wonderful world of DEO & Z-MAN.