Dirt Dress - Press Photo

‘It’s not a question of time/it’s a question of space.’ It’s raining. It’s cold. You’re walking along an icy river, and the sky is gray and close. There is the weight of the year ending, the impending New Year, where you get to lie to yourself and imagine things will be different. Deep in reflection, let DIRT DRESS sum it up for you with Skin Diving off their recently released (and aptly titled) EP Revelations.

A song that starts with a full bodied guitar riff, and then layers in more guitars and some early-eighties worthy synths, and close your eyes, imagine you’re wearing black lipstick, and feel your body sink. Los Angeles based DIRT DRESS combines the heartbreaking lyrics of THE MODERN LOVERS, with of the bass-heavy sparseness of WIRE, and the hopefulness of NEW ORDER. Go get your black boots on.